Saturday, December 31, 2016

3D Shapes Exploration

I like to set up an exploration of 3-D shapes at the beginning of the unit on volume and surface area. Last spring I set up six stations using the outdoor courtyard of our school and the students enjoyed hands on explorations of 3-D shapes in the sunshine. It was wonderful.

1) Cutting, Coloring and Folding Paper Nets of 3-D Shapes
2) Building 3-D Shapes with Magnetix
3) Building 3-D Shapes with Zome Tooels (and bubbles!)
4) Drawing Nets and 3-D Shapes with Sidewalk Chalk
5) Building 3-D Shapes with Toothpicks and Marshmallows
6) Exploring with 3-D Models and Removable Nets

I also created this graphic organizer that I ask the students to fill out as they work at the stations and explore six 3-D shapes. I ask the students to focus on filling out the first six columns of the graphic organizer during the eploration and then reference it during subsequent lessons on volume and surface area. This is a good introduction to the vocubulary of three dimensional solids. Graphic organizer can be downloaded here.

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